Company Profile
A little background….
Mission Statement

To help my customers realize their
highest expectations in their quest
to improve the space they reside
or work in.

To provide superior workmanship,
to charge reasonable rates, and to
guarantee customer satisfaction.
Husband 4 Hire began
officially in 2002.  Joe
Dyjak is the founder,
president, principal
husband, director of
quality control,
marketing manager,
bookkeeper, web page
designer and janitor.

I spent the 20 years in
corporate finance and
administration when I
saw an opportunity to
provide a valuable
service to the
community by providing
quality service for  
home maintenance and

An avid reader,
remodeler, woodworker
and gardener, I saw
others who could
benefit from my
experience, and allow
me to pursue a career I
truly enjoy.